I am a PhD student with 7 years of experience in industry. I worked as a software engineer (4 years) and as a project manager (three years). Now I am working as a doctoral researcher in the field of model-driven software engineering (MDSE).

My research area is model-driven engineering (MDE). Currently, I mainly work on domain-specific language (DSL) related research, such as optimizing grammars generated from meta-models. Addtionally, I had studied and worked in the field of railway signaling system for 7 years (2010~2016). Although I did not publish academic papers during this period, I have rich engineering experience and large project experience in railway signaling systems. Therefore, I think railway signaling Systems are also my research area.

Like all other software engineers, I have experience with several programming languages and platforms. I once coded and am coding in: C, C++ (including QT and MFC), C# (including WPF), Java, etc. And worked in VxWorks, Windows, Linux OS.

As I mentioned above, I have extensive experience in the field of railway signaling systems. I developed embedded application software for the automatic train operation system (ATO) of China's high-speed trains, and also developed driving assistant systems for China's heavy-haul trains. I am familiar with CBTC and familiar with standards such as EN50126, IEEE1474 standards, etc. I once led my team to obtain the TUV German Rheinland certificate and the British Lloyd's certification.

Weixing Zhang

weixing [at] chalmers [dot] se



PhD in Software Engineering

Chalmers | University of Gothenburg (Sep 2020 – Present, Gothenburg, SE)

MSc in Automation

Beijing Jiaotong University (Sep 2010 – April 2013, Beijing, CN)


May 2017 - Dec 2019, Focus & Fusion Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Oct 2018 – Dec 2019, Software Team Leader, Hangzhou, China
- Was responsible for the management of software development team, including development plan formulation, task allocation, personnel allocation, performance appraisal and daily management, etc.
- Was responsible for solving difficult technical problems/bugs.

May 2017 – Oct 2018, Project Manager, Hangzhou, China
- Was responsible for the development of all ultrasound diagnostic systems in the company, including project planning and tracking, personnel arrangement, and daily management, etc.

Dec 2016 – May 2017, Huawei Co., Ltd.

Dec 2016 – May 2017, Software Engineer, Hangzhou, China
- Developed platform layer software in C language. The platform layer is used to shield/connect application software and underlying hardware.

Apr 2013 - Dec 2016, UniTTEC Co., Ltd.

Jan 2014 – Dec 2016, Software Project Manager, Hangzhou, China
- Debugged/Upgraded/Evolved the embedded application software for the subsystem (i.e. Automatic Train Operation System, ATO) of China’s train control system (CTCS 2) in C language.
- Wrote documentations for obtaining Lloyd's Register Rail Safety Certificate (SIL2)
- Developed a prototype of the intelligent assistance system for heavy haul trains (mainly application development, debugging and configuration), in C++/Windows OS.

Apr 2013 – Dec 2013, Software Engineer, Hangzhou, China
- Developed line data analysis module for the intelligent assistance system of heavy-haul train in C++ language.

May 2012 – Sep 2012, Intern, Hangzhou, China
- Developed functional modules of embedded application software for the subway operation control subsystem (i.e. zone controller, ZC) in C language.







BUMBLE aims at providing an innovative system and software development framework based on blended modelling notations/languages (e.g. textual and graphical). The framework provides automatic generation and management of fully-fledged blended modelling environments from arbitrary DSMLs. Blended modelling environments are expected to greatly boost the development of complex multi-domain systems by enabling seamless textual and graphical collaborative modelling.



- I was a teaching assistant for this course in both 2020 Autumn and 2021 Autumn. While serving as a teaching assistant for this course, I supervised students' team programming project. - In this project, students were organized into groups, each group needed to complete a java programming project, and the students used project management knowledge and method to manage the entire group's java programming project.

Software Language Engineering for Domain-Specific Languages

- I was a teaching assistant for this course in both 2021 Spring and 2022 Spring. The work included organizing lab sessions and grading for their examinations.

Software Architecture

- I was a project teacher for this course in 2022 Autumn. While serving as project teacher for this course, I reviewed students' papers on reconciling system architecture and agile management.

Software evolution project

- I am a teaching assistant for this course in 2023 Autumn.

Grants and Awards

2022 SoSyM-First Paper Award
- Awarded October 2022

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